move of the pawn
The pawn always moves only forward
but it captures diagonally.
It moves one square , but every pawn
has the option of moving forward one or
two squares for its first .
It can't move over the pieces.
Special move of pawn is en passant
En passant

If a pawn advances two squares at
its first move and it comes next to the pawn
of its opponent, it is pretended
that it moved one square and
it can be captured by this pawn.

But this option can be used only
after the pawn moves two squares.
If a player doesn't use
this right and does another move ,
he will loose his "en passant right" and
can not capture it again.

before en passant,
Black pawn moved 2 squares

   after en passant,
White pawn captured it as it moved one square

Pawn promotion

If a pawn reaches the end of
a file which is at the opponent side,
it is promoted to Queen ,Rook, Knight or
Bishop according the choice of the player.
It cannot become a King or a pawn .

Pawn promoting to Queen

Pawn moved to the last square

Pawn is promoted to the Queen


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